Our Mission

Houston Hispanic Heritage Foundation is defining its mission as honoring the Hispanic community’s roots and values and celebrating our cultures and accomplishments.  Houston Hispanic Heritage Foundation wants to challenge Houston Hispanics to attain standards of excellence for themselves, both in a broad sense of American social growth and at the local level in terms of stable communities and families.

After seeing the figures from the US census in 2010, it is no longer an option, but a necessity to start the Houston Hispanic Heritage Foundation.  More than forty percent of the population of Houston is Hispanic.  In this time of enormous growth, the community also faces many challenges.  We will redefine the image of Hispanic Americans through the role models we honor and promote annually during the Mayor’s Hispanic Heritage Awards (MHHA) and as well through our “Latino Talk” quarterly speaking series.

The Hispanic Community’s biggest asset is our children.  HHHF will provide positive images and stories of Hispanic role models for our children and our future.  We will promote educational programs to develop their talents and abilities and help them achieve their professional and personal goals. The community and country as a whole prospers when all Americans have access to the opportunities a college education can afford.  HHHF will work to address the barriers that keep many Hispanics from graduating high school and progressing on to earn a college degree.  In addition, we will implement a scholarship program for deserving Hispanic students.

Through donations from the public and fundraising efforts, The Houston Hispanic Heritage Foundation will serve the community recognizing, inspiring, preparing and positioning Latino leaders in the community and workforce.  Continuing the path of our ancestors, we are creating this foundation to highlight and expose the talent that lies within our community, while providing resources and support for proper growth of our community locally and globally.