What is the Houston Hispanic Heritage Foundation?

Houston Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s mission is to challenge Hispanics to define and attain standards of excellence for themselves towards an overall enfranchisement of our community, both in a broad sense of American social growth and at the local level in terms of stable communities and families.

Since its founding, HHHF has defined its mission by choosing to honor the Hispanic community’s roots and values; challenging it to reach its full potential via efforts to promote Hispanics assimilation within Texas. Hispanics are the newest embodiment of what makes American tradition great.

Continuing the path of our ancestors we’ve created this foundation to highlight and expose the talent that lies within our community, while providing resources and support for proper growth of our community locally and globally.

Giving back to the community

Organizational integrity and transparency

Collaboration with organizations with strong reputations

Education is the most important vehicle for self improvement

Education is an individual right

Equality of opportunity

Appreciation of Hispanic heritage as part of the organization.